February 18


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This btn was about the government saying sorry to the aboriginal people for the stolen generation and the impact we had on their family’s.

the first sorry day was in 2008 on this very day. Kevin Rudd was the first prime minister to say sorry to the aborigines.

I now know that it wasn’t until that on the 18/02/18 in 2008 the first sorry was done. 

how many of these family’s have been able to reunite or find each other.

February 15

S.R.C letter

S.R.C. letter

Hi everyone,

My name is Charlotte, I have been going to MPPS for 5 years. I would really like to become the S.R.C. for our grade and school because, I will listen to your ideas and take them to the council. I have never been on the council and would really like to be one of the many members of the S.R.C.

The S.R.C. have to be present at the meetings and be there on time. I will go to them knowing and respecting that you voted me to go to them. Carrying your ideas to the meeting with respect and sharing them with the other members is something I will try hard to do.

The S.R.C. have to show/live leadership, responsibility and organization.

Responsibility the younger years look up to you. To see how they should act and what they should do for when the next year of preps come. Being an older sister I have had a lot of experience in this area and so it’s important to me.   

Leadership you have to be able to depended on and take responsibility for your actions, so others know and do the right thing. Knowing that there is a time to muck around and have fun with your friends and also a time to set the right example. I think I demonstrate leadership by being fair and by listening to others. School camp gave me an opportunity to show leadership when others needed help or were a bit worried, I could see this and stepped in.   

Organization the S.R.C. have to be organized by not leaving things everywhere keeping things neat and tidy. Also by setting themselves achievable goals and getting things/assignments done by a certain date. I enjoy being organized, when I am but sometimes I’m a little messy.  

 The rest of the school depends on the S.R.C. so that your ideas get to the council and can happen. I will give suggestions for fundraisers and improvements for the ones that already are happening so that the school can continue to be a fun, caring and safe learning environment for everyone.

Thank you for listening to my speech for why I would like to be a S.R.C.

Regards Charlotte.       

February 14


prompt:…we were moving very fast when …

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Bang! The starting gun went off. We gained speed. Star galloping under me. I could feel her long powerful legs striking out in an even gait. We moved up to the front…we were moving very fast when …another horse and rider came up behind. The rider kicked Star her stride slowed, I kicked her urging her on but my kick was too short and confused her. Now her stride was uneven and we slowed down to the back coming last. The first rider crossed the line, tears blurred my eyesight. We were so close to winning. Now we were last.

February 1

Letter from Charlotte

Hi Libby,

I look forward to being in your class. I think it will be a great year to learn from a different perspective and just to enjoy being in 5/6.

I have two lovely parents and two younger sisters. Mia is the youngest and is starting prep this year.  Hannah is starting year 2.

I love reading, especially mystery and adventure books. I also love swimming in pools and oceans or just swimming in general. I do competitive swimming in a squad every Monday and Friday after school for an hour.

These holidays we went to Queensland. We went swimming every day in the pool and ocean. We went surfing, did stand up paddling and met friends from up there. I love in Queensland how you can be so close to the ocean while in Melbourne you have to drive there and you don’t usually swim in it.

I look forward to learning about the environmental disasters. I like knowing that we can keep people safe from the disasters with a few days warning. I am also looking forward to being a buddie to a prep and having the responsibilities, also camp in Canberra  and learning about the government.

from Charlotte.

November 22

transtion session 1-100wc

link to prompt:https://100wc.net/

prompt: …but where would we hide it all?…

“Should I tell you somthing would I tell you alright can you keep a secret well my perants are actualy planning to rob the bank,” I tell him I instantly reggret it what if he tells the police I don’t want that to happen because they’re nice people they would not normally do it. I think it’s somthing they ate.


turs out I was right I tell him as we went through the barthroom I saw mum’s purfume, hand cream, face cream, shampoo and conditioner.

But where would we hide it all.