May 22

District cross county reflection

Today [ 22/05/18 ] A group of kids from yr. 3 and up went to the district cross country at Aberfeldie park. You have to be in the top 5 at the fun run to go through to districts. So to get to districts is a huge achievement and I would like to congratulate everyone who got through to it. I did go through to districts and I was successful to get to Divisionals. I came 6th out 42 runners and only the top 10 go through so it is immensely tough to get into then again I would like congratulate everyone who got into districts whether they got through or not.

May 22

Webinar Reflection


Today we had a webinar. It was all about keeping your online world safe an the types of the more serious scams. Like  a random friend request. Here are some questions that you should answer before clicking accept. Why should I trust this person? Is this a reasonable request? Is my site safe from hackers and maybe you could check with your friends at school or whenever  you see them did you request a  friendship last night? if not then definitely don’t accept. Look for some clues for if  it is a scam like is there any links to the internet?  Is there any thing asking you to hurry and  do it now like last chance?

Remember there are things you can do to prevent scams and viruses like never give anyone your password. Install a firewall. Don’t put any personal details on any online sites and backup your computers software. Things like scams and viruses  can be prevented.

April 25

BTN- Gallipoli perspective

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This BTN was about the perspective of some young soldiers that went to war. 

Some people lied about their age so that they could go to war and some also lied about not being aboriginal as well.  Two hundred Turkey soldiers were sent out to stop the Australians. ANZAC means Australian and New  Zealand Army Corps. 

Why did some people lie about their age to go to war? Why was the fighting in Turkey not somewhere else?

I now know that war was a time of fighting and friendship. 

March 24


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prompt …… but how did he/she get up there?… …

but how did she get up there?“Thief,” he roared. Great I thought now I’m done for it “thief,” the Nazis roared again. He grabbed me by the arm covering the yellow star on my jacket, his breath stank like tobacco. “Mira!” my sister Rachel called. The man was dragging me away from the little ghetto where my family lives during the war. He dragged me past the houses where the richer Jews lived, past the factories. He dragged me on and on stopping only once to talk to another Nazi in the big ghetto, dragging me on to who knows where.

March 6

BTN levels of government

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This BTN was about the levels of government and what they look after.

Federal it takes care of the country as a whole. It has the responsibility of defending the nation, and deals with trade and other countries. It also keeps a close eye on managing Australian money, taxes, communications and the environment. State controls each of Australia’s six states and two territories. They have different responsibilities like health, education, mining and agriculture. They also watch over most of the police force and the courts, roads, trains and public transport. local 500 local governments around the country. They maintain local roads, deal with garbage and pets. And they’re in charge of local buildings and permits.

will we add another level to government? Why do we have local why couldn’t federal or state take the responsibility’s?

I now understand that the parliament doesn’t control the whole country.

March 5


prompt: …but what if I was in charge?…

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I’m Zoe, I am 10, I think that I’m an ordinary person. At least I think I am? I go to school every day. Oh how boring and ordinary it is. Every day we do maths, then literature and so on and so on. …But what if I was in charge?… I would let the students decide what they wanted to do every day. We would have bring your pet to school day and no maths or literature would be allowed. Oh I would love to be in charge of the school. I walked home hoping tomorrow would be more exiting.

February 28

BTN federation

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This BTN was about how and why federation happend. 

Once Australia wasn’t actually a country it was just the name of a land divided into six different British colonies. They had different leaders and different laws. They even had their own armies. Henry Parkes made a speech that persuaded the leaders to discuss federation.  

Why didn’t the aborigines and Torres strait islanders benefit from federation? Why didn’t federation work the first time?

I now understand why federation was made.

February 28

BTN Australia day

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This BTN was about why Australia day happened and why people celebrate it.

Many people think it’s just a day to celebrate and have a BBQ but it actually is the day the England people settled in Australia and took over. The aborigines did a protest march that it isn’t a day to celebrate and should be changed to invasion day. On 26th 1788 captain Arthur Phillip landed in Camp Cove at Port Jackson there he claimed Australia as a British colony.

Why were the aboriginals under the whites? Are things going better for them or are they going to get worse?

I now understand that the land we think we own and build on, is not actually ours but the aboriginals.

February 20

book reflection- Percy Jackson

20/02/18 Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson reminds me of Harry Potter because they both are a mythical series of books that involves the main character doing magic. The monsters are similar that the main character fights them. They both have big quests that the main characters have to complete with friends and mentors. They both have safe places that get destroyed.