100wc week 9 3/12/18

goal: to use similes

link to prompt: https://100wc.net/

prompt:   … but they were exhausted…

Had … to …keep going. But they were exhausted. They knew that they would not last much longer. As members of the group collapsed one by one dropping like flies. The standing ones getting weaker and weaker. Running through the mazes of doors and archways. Not once had they stopped running they had been running for 5 days straight with no sleep, limited food and water. As they got closer to their destination, the group grew smaller and smaller. They were desperate to reach their goal to save their towns and village. Must …. Keep …. Going they all panted.

100wc 29/11 week 8

Goal: to introduce details into my writing smoothly and when they make sense

link to prompt: https://100wc.net/

prompt: we seemed to be on the television 

As we watched the battle unfolded the tension in the air grew and we held our breath hardly daring to hope, Katniss managed to exclude herself from the fight and escape into the forest everyone in the room cheered Gale and I were the loudest ones there. I ran into my room to grab buttercup our cat and give him a celebratory hug I heard the beginning of a news break from the capitol the voice I had learnt to hate came on the poisonous voice of president snow. What are the families feeling? I gasped we seemed to be on the television.


100wc: Bricks Gorilla Yellow Running Pretty

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prompt:  Bricks   Gorilla   Yellow   Running   Pretty

I followed the yellow brick road staring down watching the bricks go by,

Watching as I ran, my father told me my life was a lie,

Now I looked back what he said was true my life was pretty miserable.

From now on I was not going to let anyone but me control me I had dreams oh yes I did.

I was going to escape from people by running away,

I was going to set a gorilla free from the zoo,

I was going to live my own life with no-one controlling it

I had dreams oh yes I did.

100wc … because I said so…

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Prompt:    … because I said so…

I ran through the tide of enemies. “Leave her,” Rory yelled, at the top of his voice.

“No!” I screamed back. Tears rolling down my face. “I can’t she’s my sister,” I yelled back. A boot kicked me and pinned me down.

“You won’t see your sister again,’ a voice growled

“Why?” I pleaded.

Because I said so” that was when I punched him, he reeled back. I fought my way to her. When I managed to get to her she whispered “I love you Amber,” then she crumpled in my arms. I wailed loud my world had just collapsed.




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prompt: BATH   Fighter   Danced   Orange   Clumsily

Her orange red hair Danced and flicked around as she clumsily swung her home made cardboard Fighter sword around. Sophie advanced on her opponent. Which was actually a bathtub leaning against the wall. She attacked the bath with such ferocity that you would not expect in a five year old. Sophie attempted to spring into a forward roll and slice the tub down low but fell and landed on her back. Agatha her big sister appeared in the doorway. She picked up Sophie chuckling while she said. “Maybe bathtubs are better for having baths in not to try and fight.”




goal: To enter details into my writing smoothly.

link to prompt:     https://100wc.net/

prompt: It reminded me of a time when

I gazed off into the distance and see a young girl running around and playing with a puppy. I sniffed haughtily and returned back to my beauty magazine, which didn’t seem so interesting now. Her playing, I couldn’t stop watching It reminded me of a time when my puppy was alive I was a young kid we would spend hours on end running, gambolling and frisking into the night we were best buddies Thalia and I. We were famous explores, we were facing aliens or defending earth. Her and I, we were unbeatable. A tear rolled down as I remembered.

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I glanced up the STAIRS, NERVOUS, hoping my sister wouldn’t rush down and see me and the cake that I COOKED for her birthday. Well was supposed to be for her birthday. But it didn’t look as if it were going to make it to the birthday the PINK icing was running down the side of the cake in a cascading RIVER. The frustration built up, I wanted to do something nice for my sister but then it turns out really horrible, ugly and weird. I hear the steps of my sister coming closer and closer. ”It’s nice,” she ventures.  


goal: to use dialogue to explain events.

link to prompt:  https://100wc.net/


…why would I do that?

The teacher let out a long resounding sigh. That told everyone that the class was going to do P.E. Carolina, one of the students, hated P.E. and always argued against the teacher. Why would I do that? She would shriek in her high voice. Carolina was a student that thought she were the best at everything, and thought that everyone adored her. “I’ll get my clothes dirty” she whines. “Then why did you wear it?”  The teacher retorted. “Because I need to look pretty for my fans, you silly teacher.” Okay miss out if you want.” Carolina grinned smugly and flounced off.


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…Flame   Ice   Lime   Regularly   Clock    

I Regularly checked the Clock for the time. Willing it to go faster. My friend Amy was coming over. I ran to my room to check that everything was perfect. I only found one thing out of order, my Lime green bedspread. I glanced at the clock again, it was time. Amy is punctual so I was surprised when she wasn’t here. I walked out further into the snow and ice. A flame sprung up out of nowhere and a figure appeared. You have 2 hours to find me, the Ember eye, otherwise your friend is gone. 2 hours echoed around me.



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Special prompt #2 (18)





I walked and walked to my destination

I was tired but that didn’t compare to my desperation,

I walked on and through into the blue

Where I didn’t know whether I walked or flew,

Through the door frame

And hopefully into fame,

I’m an explorer that’s what I do

I’ve started anew,

I walked on through the day

And right into May,

Where does time go?

I do not know,

I walked past the bees

And into the purple trees,

I must allow

Myself to go right now,

Where does time go?

I do not know,

Exploring is my life.