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This BTN was about families that are put in A fake natural  disaster to see how they would react in the case of a flood or a fire.

Don’t head for the roof.  Because that’s often what we see on TV during bushfires it isn’t the best  idea the Fire Service says it’s actually pretty dangerous.   Don’t try to drive through flood water it is a huge mistake that people often make. The water gets into the engine and that makes it shut down then the car could get washed away. They [ Fire Service ] say it’s really important to have a plan and know it well. Everyone in the family should have jobs to do and you  should practice them together.

Did the people know that the fire/flood were fake? If not how did they feel?

I now know that even fake natural disasters are still very scary. 

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  1. Hi Charlotte,
    Really great BTN. I really like how you had the facts and then you also unpacked them. Good Job!

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