moderated learning task – all kids should play sport

All kids should play sport

Why should your kid be unhealthy, unfit or anti-social? When they could be learning life skills and getting fit. Being in a sport is a great way to become social and fit. There are different sports for different people there are running sports, ball sports and rhythm/ dance sports.

Not being active takes a toll on the body it makes it unhealthy and unfit. In most sport you have to work hard. Which pumps the blood around the body and makes you healthy. It helps you become fit. Whereas if you just sit on the couch all day watching telly you don’t use your body as it should be used.

Being in a team sport teaches you to co-operate with other kids and people. It also teaches you to become good winners and good losers. Which is very important for later life. Learning the importance of good sportsmanship may help your kids when dealing with tricky people. It will even prevent your kid from becoming a tricky kid to deal with.

All sports give you joy if you find the right sport it isn’t like when you get to play Minecraft but a real happiness that isn’t in video games one that a lot of people don’t experience why should your kid be one of the kids that don’t get to feel this emotion. How would you feel if you knew your child only felt the fake happiness and didn’t feel what they could be feeling?

All through school you will have to do physical education and play in school teams. Do you want your kid to be the one that when the kids have to choose the teams that is left till last and is always feeling left out and the one who never knows what to in sport whether to throw the ball or kick the ball.

So do you want your kid to be unhealthy and unfit? Shouldn’t kids have the right to be having fun and enjoying themselves and being social? Don’t let your kids suffer. Do it for them. Put them in a sport!









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  1. Wow. ( clap clap clap )
    That was great Charlotte. 😍😅🤣😀😁😎🤩 I think you put some interesting details in, and gave good reasons. 😱😱😱😱😱 ( sorry, excuse the emoji’s ) I actually thought your text was good. I think that it would probably convince someone who doesn’t like sport, and would give more good reasons to the people who already thought sport was good…. … ….

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