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prompt: Bridge  Sprinkled  Pink  Daffodil  Huge 

Every day I walked to the bridge even with my wooden leg I went every day without fail this time I had brought a flower that was sprinkled with pink flecks. I stood by the grave under the willow tree the grave of Archer Hemsley hoping that his fall off the huge bridge was not real as I placed the flower down I noticed that there was already a daffodil I stifled a sob, me Adelaide Belmont. I visited the grave every day. We were just about to become greenhorns Archer, Oliver and I that was until Archer’s startling death.


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  1. Hi Charlotte, I rally liked your details. I’ve read the book you got the character names from. The Doldrums. I really liked the series. Anyway, i thought this was a really good story.

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