BTN- Disaster recovery

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This BTN was  about how long the road to recovery for a country after a natural disaster has hit and just because a disaster hasn’t been on the news for a long time doesn’t mean it has fully resolved itself.

Clean water is needed because it can become contaminated with germs and disease. Food is also on the checklist and things like packaged and canned foods provided, because it’s safer than fresh food as it doesn’t go off.  People need shelter  because a disaster can destroy lot’s of peoples homes so in the recovery process, people like engineers can be just as vital as medical workers. 

Why does the news stop showing the recovery and the disaster after a certain amount? Wouldn’t the countries need builders as well as engineers? 

I now understand that the road to recovery after a disaster has struck is a lot longer and more destructive then the actual disaster because they have to find food, shelter and clear water.   


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