Webinar Reflection


Today we had a webinar. It was all about keeping your online world safe an the types of the more serious scams. Like  a random friend request. Here are some questions that you should answer before clicking accept. Why should I trust this person? Is this a reasonable request? Is my site safe from hackers and maybe you could check with your friends at school or whenever  you see them did you request a  friendship last night? if not then definitely don’t accept. Look for some clues for if  it is a scam like is there any links to the internet?  Is there any thing asking you to hurry and  do it now like last chance?

Remember there are things you can do to prevent scams and viruses like never give anyone your password. Install a firewall. Don’t put any personal details on any online sites and backup your computers software. Things like scams and viruses  can be prevented.

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