prompt:…we were moving very fast when …

link to prompt:https://100wc.net/ 

Bang! The starting gun went off. We gained speed. Star galloping under me. I could feel her long powerful legs striking out in an even gait. We moved up to the front…we were moving very fast when …another horse and rider came up behind. The rider kicked Star her stride slowed, I kicked her urging her on but my kick was too short and confused her. Now her stride was uneven and we slowed down to the back coming last. The first rider crossed the line, tears blurred my eyesight. We were so close to winning. Now we were last.

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  1. I really like how you described the horse and the start of te race. At first I thought it was a recount about one of your running races show you used a lot of show and not tell. Great job!!

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