Letter from Charlotte

Hi Libby,

I look forward to being in your class. I think it will be a great year to learn from a different perspective and just to enjoy being in 5/6.

I have two lovely parents and two younger sisters. Mia is the youngest and is starting prep this year.  Hannah is starting year 2.

I love reading, especially mystery and adventure books. I also love swimming in pools and oceans or just swimming in general. I do competitive swimming in a squad every Monday and Friday after school for an hour.

These holidays we went to Queensland. We went swimming every day in the pool and ocean. We went surfing, did stand up paddling and met friends from up there. I love in Queensland how you can be so close to the ocean while in Melbourne you have to drive there and you don’t usually swim in it.

I look forward to learning about the environmental disasters. I like knowing that we can keep people safe from the disasters with a few days warning. I am also looking forward to being a buddie to a prep and having the responsibilities, also camp in Canberra  and learning about the government.

from Charlotte.

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  1. The beach and reading – two of my favourite things as well. You have already shown me what a dedicated and talented student you are – and it is only day 7! I am looking forward to a great year of learning and growing in 2018! Well done Charlotte.

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