prompt: flame,  swimming,  celebrated, white, tomorrow       

link to prompt:https://100wc.net/

“see you tomorrow at the swimming pool,” I call to Amy my best friend.

“See ya,” she called back from the gate.When amy had left, the last person from when we celebrated my birthday. I had looked like a flame with my red hair and  yellow dress with orange spots. Amy was wearing a white dress and amazingly didn’t get it dirty.

It was a really fun birthday. Anyway I was going to see Amy at the pool. I thought

“Come tidy your messy room,” mum calls

“why?” I whine

“because you had a fun party so you tidy your room.


Btn 5

link to btn:http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s4752300.htm





This btn was about scientists who have seen two neutron stars collide for the first time. 

Neutron stars are stars that have reached the end of their lives and exploded into a supernova. Gravity travels in waves like light and sound.

I now understand that gravity travels in waves. 

What happens after two neutron stars have collided?


prompt:…as the door slammed, I knew…

link to prompt:https://100wc.net/

As the door slammed, I knew it was time to take my place, in the line of world saviours starting 15 generations back. We try to stop the evildoers in the world. I knew that one was right here. I held my hand in the air and brought it back down and I gasped as my hand had a griffin tattoed on to it. I squared my sholders and walked through the door that had slammed shut and took a breath to calm myself down. I lept into the air and pictured a griffin in my mind and landed as one.