September 13











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Something’s not right I think. As I stumble around feeling scared, frightend, and lost.

It’s eerily silent, nothing feels right. Even the trees don’t look right, they’re too silent and have no animals or berries yet again it’s spring.

Logs are on the ground as if they have been put there not fallen, they’re just not natural.

I don’t like it here where i’m lost alone and scared in a strange forest. I start to cry until there are no more tears to cry.  I glance down and see to massive and ginormous footprints.

August 16

100 word challenge


I laugh and laugh at the fishes attempt to out run each other, till my bellie hurts, squeezing my eyes shut it repeating itself in my head. I laugh even more my body shaking, jerking viberating. My eyes flutter open and all the other seals are staring at me all anoyed. ” You do know you just lost our lunch, ” mum hissed at me clearly the angriest of them all. I try to tell them about the fish, but they look like I told a lie. So much for laughing then my sister comes to tell me I have to catch lunch.

August 15

btn 3

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Qhis btn was about some koalas that were rescued from a bush fire.

A bush fire in south australia killed many animals.

AMWRO is in adelaide and helps the injured animals from bushfires.

I now understand that animals can be effected in many diffrent ways after bush fires.

What is the most affected animal from bush fires?

August 14

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This btn was about pluto a dwaf planet in our solar system.

Pluto is acctully an icy rock on the edge of our solar system pulled in by the suns gravity.                                                 

Pluto is acctully smaller then our moon.I

I now understand that there is alot more to calling a planet a planet.

What other moons or dwaf planets could become planets?


May 9

100wc week #1- I just couldn’t eat somthing so…

I just coudn’t eat somthing so slimy. I saw the french people eating the slimy snails and thought how can they do that, how could people eat somthing so disgusting. I’d know I would definitely be sick if I ate it. Even though I havn’t tried it yet, and my mum always says:

” You can’t say you don’t like it until you try it!” But I was pretty sure I didn’t like snails. I tell her:

“Mum I don’t want to eat it! Can’t I have somthing else?”

“NO! You will eat that or nothing.” I slowly put the snail inside my mouth, mmm not bad I thought.