I stare down the corridor to my new room dad told me it could be any way I want it to be.  But what colour should it be. Was the main question in my mind blue? Orange? Purple? The worst bit is I’m not allowed to do it again if I stuff up.

Orange I decide. Me and my dad go out and get the bright orange paint. 5 hours later.  The paint has dried and we have moved in all the furniture. WHAT IS THIS? IT LOOKS DISGUSTING! I scream the green bedspread clashes terribly with the orange room.

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I glanced up the STAIRS, NERVOUS, hoping my sister wouldn’t rush down and see me and the cake that I COOKED for her birthday. Well was supposed to be for her birthday. But it didn’t look as if it were going to make it to the birthday the PINK icing was running down the side of the cake in a cascading RIVER. The frustration built up, I wanted to do something nice for my sister but then it turns out really horrible, ugly and weird. I hear the steps of my sister coming closer and closer. ”It’s nice,” she ventures.  

MIVIMP camp reflection

From the 21st of august to the 24th of august a group of selected students went on MVIMP camp.  I was among that group. At lady Northcote recreation camp (the camp we were at) had canoeing areas, 2 chocolate Labradors, lots of walks, main hall, boy’s cabin, girls cabin and tennis courts. There were 4 schools Ascot Vale, Ascot Vale West, Moonee Ponds and Moonee Ponds West That were also included in this program.

We had lots of hours playing our instrument and a few hours of free time. There were tutorials and band sessions where we would practice our pieces that we were going to play at the concert. There was a competition for who would open up the concert the group that I was in won which was Eloise, Emily, Bridget, Hanna, Mariana, Amelia and I. over all the camp was really fun!!!!!!!!! I would definitely go again.


goal: to use dialogue to explain events.

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…why would I do that?

The teacher let out a long resounding sigh. That told everyone that the class was going to do P.E. Carolina, one of the students, hated P.E. and always argued against the teacher. Why would I do that? She would shriek in her high voice. Carolina was a student that thought she were the best at everything, and thought that everyone adored her. “I’ll get my clothes dirty” she whines. “Then why did you wear it?”  The teacher retorted. “Because I need to look pretty for my fans, you silly teacher.” Okay miss out if you want.” Carolina grinned smugly and flounced off.


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…Flame   Ice   Lime   Regularly   Clock    

I Regularly checked the Clock for the time. Willing it to go faster. My friend Amy was coming over. I ran to my room to check that everything was perfect. I only found one thing out of order, my Lime green bedspread. I glanced at the clock again, it was time. Amy is punctual so I was surprised when she wasn’t here. I walked out further into the snow and ice. A flame sprung up out of nowhere and a figure appeared. You have 2 hours to find me, the Ember eye, otherwise your friend is gone. 2 hours echoed around me.



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Special prompt #2 (18)





I walked and walked to my destination

I was tired but that didn’t compare to my desperation,

I walked on and through into the blue

Where I didn’t know whether I walked or flew,

Through the door frame

And hopefully into fame,

I’m an explorer that’s what I do

I’ve started anew,

I walked on through the day

And right into May,

Where does time go?

I do not know,

I walked past the bees

And into the purple trees,

I must allow

Myself to go right now,

Where does time go?

I do not know,

Exploring is my life.



Broken promises

Tilly prepared her room for Lilly. She got out the bracelet making set that they both love. Lilly was coming around to Tilly’s place. Ting, Ding, Ring the doorbell ring. Tilly thunders down the stairs and flings open. There was a lot of squealing from both as if they haven’t seen each other in years (they had seen each other yesterday at school.)

Tilly was the spitting image of Lilly. With golden blond locks that tumbled around her shoulders. Which was usually in to plaits. Big innocent eyes which had gotten them out of lots of scrapes. Lilly had dark brown dead straight hair that was always in a high pony tail but she still had those big innocent eyes. Lots of people thought that they were sisters.

Tilly and Lilly walked together arm in arm, looking at the bracelets they had made at Tilly’s place. When they got to the ‘willow’ tree (it wasn’t an actual willow tree they just thought it was more fitting then ‘the tree’.) They stopped and sat down in the roots of the tree for they curled around as if to invite people to sit down. Tilly thought of a promise. ‘To never leave the other’ as she put it. “It’s very posh don’t you think?” Lilly said adopting a posh voice. They both cracked up laughing. They were still laughing when they headed to class

“Okay everyone, this is Tara and Carah, “be nice to them” said Miss Tenor.  At lunch Lilly has to stay and show Carah around. Tilly told them to meet her at the old willow tree.

Tilly waited and waited for Lilly to come but she never did come.  After a while Tilly went looking for her.  She saw her laughing with Carah and heard her name mentioned, then a new burst of laughter.  Tilly was hurt and stung as she sat down not knowing what to do.  At lunch she sat and cried and felt miserable.  After some time she felt an arm being placed around her shoulders.  Tilly hardly dared to believe it, she looked up but it was Tara. Tilly didn’t know why but she started talking to Tara and it all the hurt spilled out.

In class they were pairing up for a project on the seas of the earth.  Lilly ran to Carah and they got to work.  Tara came over looking nervous, “can I work with you” she asked. “Sure” Tilly replied, they decided to do their project on the Southern Ocean.  At lunch they made a promise to never leave each other.  Tilly hoped that she wouldn’t be left alone again.

She never was!



“Sarah I’m free.” I yelled running forward to take the pass. I ran too slowly and my player took the intercept and caught the ball. I was the new girl on the team and wasn’t fully trusted to do the right things at the right time. So I was stuck in GK I was good at getting the ball but choose the wrong times at the wrong times.

The next day at training May (the snide one) brought along her cousin Tanya and said “she’s here to re-place that lousy player, Lilly,” I was shocked and stung. All the other players were shocked, but it seemed that they were starting to consider the idea. Only Tilly couldn’t comprehend the idea. I ran blindly off the court tears streaming down my face. I ran all the way home. At home I ripped all my netball things off the wall and threw them in the bin. I was done with netball, done with May

I walked to school nervously with butterflies in my stomach. I saw the netball team begin their practice before school. I had to remind myself to breath. Gulping in shallow breaths, I walked past the court. It took all my self-control to not run to the court, but to keep going.

In class we were pairing up for a science project. Tilly came over, sat down and casually said. “So what are we going to do the project on?”  I was stunned. “What about the team?” I spluttered.  “You don’t want to be my partner?” She said hurt, walking away. Her head hung sadly. “Wait Tilly let’s do it on physical activities and how the body responds,” I said hurriedly. “Sure,” she replied happily.”Can we be friends,” I asked tentatively. “Okay, sure,” was the reply. I found myself grinning broadly. No I was beaming. That was the way it was and the way I wanted it to be.


link:   http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s3895042.htm


facts=royal blue

questions =gray

understanding= lime

This BTN was about families that are put in A fake natural  disaster to see how they would react in the case of a flood or a fire.

Don’t head for the roof.  Because that’s often what we see on TV during bushfires it isn’t the best  idea the Fire Service says it’s actually pretty dangerous.   Don’t try to drive through flood water it is a huge mistake that people often make. The water gets into the engine and that makes it shut down then the car could get washed away. They [ Fire Service ] say it’s really important to have a plan and know it well. Everyone in the family should have jobs to do and you  should practice them together.

Did the people know that the fire/flood were fake? If not how did they feel?

I now know that even fake natural disasters are still very scary. 


prompt …however, she couldn’t believe what she had done…

Moll pulled the sling back and fired it met its mark, with a sicking crack. This was it the matter of life or death she had used her last rock. Moll was now defenceless. Gryff was beside her poised, ready to attack if he needed to. Alfie crumpled and fell to the ground. She knew he wasn’t himself. He was being controlled by a witch doctor. However, she couldn’t believe what she had done. Suddenly he rose back up in his eerie state. “Didn’t think that did you,” A cold high voice said. Alfie threw back his head and laughed.

This text was based on the dreamsnatcher by Abi Elphinstone. Although some of the ideas were made up.


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