100wc: Bricks Gorilla Yellow Running Pretty

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prompt:  Bricks   Gorilla   Yellow   Running   Pretty

I followed the yellow brick road staring down watching the bricks go by,

Watching as I ran, my father told me my life was a lie,

Now I looked back what he said was true my life was pretty miserable.

From now on I was not going to let anyone but me control me I had dreams oh yes I did.

I was going to escape from people by running away,

I was going to set a gorilla free from the zoo,

I was going to live my own life with no-one controlling it

I had dreams oh yes I did.

BTN – the solar system

Link to BTN:    The Solar System — our home in space-we82e3

This BTN was about comparing earth to other planets

our solar system planets are divided into two categories terrestrial planets which are Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars and there are  the Gas giants Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

Jupiter is the largest biggest planet in our solar system Jupiter has a big storm called the Great  red spot which is three times as large as earth. It has 67 moons orbiting it.

if you changed the planets into percentages the terrestrial planets would cover 1% Jupiter would cover 70% Saturn 20% Uranus 4% and Neptune would cover 5%. 

How long till the sun burns up? How big is Pluto compared to earth?

I now understand that earth is tiny compared to the gas giants.


100wc … because I said so…

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Prompt:    … because I said so…

I ran through the tide of enemies. “Leave her,” Rory yelled, at the top of his voice.

“No!” I screamed back. Tears rolling down my face. “I can’t she’s my sister,” I yelled back. A boot kicked me and pinned me down.

“You won’t see your sister again,’ a voice growled

“Why?” I pleaded.

Because I said so” that was when I punched him, he reeled back. I fought my way to her. When I managed to get to her she whispered “I love you Amber,” then she crumpled in my arms. I wailed loud my world had just collapsed.



School Captain speech

Here is my speech that I presented to the whole 5/6 cohort on the 30.10.18

School captain speech

Hello and thanks for being here. For those that don’t know me, my name is Charlotte. I have been at this school since prep. I have two younger sisters Hannah and Mia. Mia in prep and Hannah in year 2. I am standing here to today, as a worthy candidate for school captain, here’s why. There are 4 qualities that I believe would make a great school captain. Leadership, communication, being open to new learning experiences and strong organizational skills.


First to leadership. I think leadership is the most important quality of the four.

So what is a leader?

A leader is a person who rules or guides or inspires others. I have had the opportunity to guide others in leadership roles during my time at MPPS. Here are some examples. I was the netball vice-captain for the inter school sports working with the other captains and the teams. Through questioning and listening, I made sure that everyone was happy in the positions they got but also had the opportunity to try new positions. It was also my role to keep the team in good spirits by encouraging and cheering them on. I also acted as school captain last year when the five-sixes were on camp. This felt like a big step but I feel it has given me some prior knowledge for what to expect. If I get the role.


Another important skill you need as a school captain is good communication skills. Whether it is listening, writing or speaking. I believe that listening is as important as speaking. I am a good listener, am patient and care about people’s ideas.

School captains should be able to speak to the whole assembly, write reports for the school newsletter and help the new preps and families at the orientation. I believe I demonstrate some of these skills. In a netball team you have to communicate together to get the ball where you want it to go. I really enjoy writing and sharing information with others. Being an older sibling I have the experience with communicating with younger kids and also the experience with older people through my extended family.


The third quality. Being open to new experiences is important because it is important to challenge yourself to be able to also challenge others. Even though sometimes I am a bit nervous I still like to explore new things. Going to music camp with four different schools and playing the flute for 4 days in a row is a good example. It was loads of fun even if it was very new to me.

This year has been my first year of being a buddie to a prep. Being a buddie comes with its challenges. But also with its joy. Being a buddie was a new experience for me. I did my best I think I could have done better in some areas but I think I went okay and that my buddie would agree to.


Finally the fourth quality. I believe an important and crucial school captain skill is organization because you have the responsibility for others. For example leading the S.R.C meetings, Being present on the days you are needed and running the assembly. Examples of my organization skills include checking the board for what books the class needs to get for the day, so I am not rushing out of class to get books. I also like to do a lot of activities after school which means I have to be organised and do my homework and planning at the start of the week.


In summary I believe I have a lot of the experience and qualities to be a successful school captain. But what will I do for you?

I will do my best to be respectful, inclusive, listen to your ideas and always be approachable.

“Leadership is an action, not a position “and I am ready to guide and inspire you”

Thank you for listening to my speech for why I believe I would make a great school captain




BTN- mars mission

link to BTN:    http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s3566674.htm





This video was about NASA’s rover, curiosity and the start of the journey and difficulties they had to undertake.

Mars is the most like Earth of any of the planets in our Solar System. It has an atmosphere, and while it’s covered in desert there are signs that there was once water here.

NASA will use the information that Curiosity finds to help plan future man trips to mars.

Its shields had to survive 1600 degrees as it slammed into Mars’ atmosphere. 

How many rovers have they already sent to Mars? How long is curiosity supposed to last?

I now understand how similar Mars is to earth.


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prompt: BATH   Fighter   Danced   Orange   Clumsily

Her orange red hair Danced and flicked around as she clumsily swung her home made cardboard Fighter sword around. Sophie advanced on her opponent. Which was actually a bathtub leaning against the wall. She attacked the bath with such ferocity that you would not expect in a five year old. Sophie attempted to spring into a forward roll and slice the tub down low but fell and landed on her back. Agatha her big sister appeared in the doorway. She picked up Sophie chuckling while she said. “Maybe bathtubs are better for having baths in not to try and fight.”




goal: To enter details into my writing smoothly.

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prompt: It reminded me of a time when

I gazed off into the distance and see a young girl running around and playing with a puppy. I sniffed haughtily and returned back to my beauty magazine, which didn’t seem so interesting now. Her playing, I couldn’t stop watching It reminded me of a time when my puppy was alive I was a young kid we would spend hours on end running, gambolling and frisking into the night we were best buddies Thalia and I. We were famous explores, we were facing aliens or defending earth. Her and I, we were unbeatable. A tear rolled down as I remembered.


I stare down the corridor to my new room dad told me it could be any way I want it to be.  But what colour should it be. Was the main question in my mind blue? Orange? Purple? The worst bit is I’m not allowed to do it again if I stuff up.

Orange I decide. Me and my dad go out and get the bright orange paint. 5 hours later.  The paint has dried and we have moved in all the furniture. WHAT IS THIS? IT LOOKS DISGUSTING! I scream the green bedspread clashes terribly with the orange room.

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I glanced up the STAIRS, NERVOUS, hoping my sister wouldn’t rush down and see me and the cake that I COOKED for her birthday. Well was supposed to be for her birthday. But it didn’t look as if it were going to make it to the birthday the PINK icing was running down the side of the cake in a cascading RIVER. The frustration built up, I wanted to do something nice for my sister but then it turns out really horrible, ugly and weird. I hear the steps of my sister coming closer and closer. ”It’s nice,” she ventures.